Vilken titel har Jasmines far?

Vilken titel har Jasmines far?

Vilken titel har Jasmines far?

Jasmine är den kvinnliga huvudrollen i Disneyfilmen Aladdin. Hon kommer från kungariket Agrabah i Mellanöstern, där hennes far är sultan.

I vilket land utspelar sig Aladdin?

Berättelsen om Aladdin utspelar sig i det fiktiva landet Agrabah, även om många associerar platsen och karaktärerna till Mellanöstern, och nu reagerar flera fans på sociala medier.

Vad heter Anden i lampan?

FigurEngelska rösterSvenska röster
Anden GenieRobin WilliamsDan Ekborg
Prinsessan JasmineLinda LarkinMyrra Malmberg
JafarJonathan FreemanMikael Samuelson
AbuFrank WelkerFrank Welker

How does Jafar know Aladdin's name?

  • It is unknown how Jafar knows Aladdin's name, though it is possible he learned it in disguise at the Cave of Wonders.

What did Jafar offer Aladdin in exchange for the lamp?

  • Jafar (disguised as a fellow prisoner) approaches Aladdin, striking a deal with him. In exchange for Aladdin's help in retrieving the lamp from the Cave of Wonders, Jafar reveals an escape route from the prison and promises him a reward if he succeeds, it is soon revealed that the reward is death. When the plan fails, Aladdin and the lamp are lost.

Who is the original Jafar?

  • The fourth and final part of this special series finds the original voice of Jafar, Jonathan Freeman (a veteran voice and musical theater actor), talking about just how good it can be to go bad sometimes. Josh Weiss: How did you become attached to the project in the first place?

Who was the original voice of Aladdin?

  • In Parts 1, 2, and 3 of my oral history of the original Aladdin movie from 1992, Scott Weinger (voice of Aladdin), Linda Larkin (voice of Princess Jasmine), and Bill Perkins (the project's art director) all talked about their experiences with making the film.

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